Eclipse Boogie

August 18 - 21, 2017

The first total solar eclipse to touch the continental US since 1979 is going down August 21, 2017, and the Madras Airport, home of Skydive Awesome, is Ground Zero on the path of Totality. So we're throwing a BOOGIE, of course! Join us for a "once in a lifetime" event full of sky jumping, shenanigans, and the rare celestial phenomenon that is the total solar eclipse of the sun.
We will have the Skydive Arizona Otter going to 13.5K feet above the stunning landscape of Central Oregon, Fort Awesome Skydiver Campground, all of the ameneties of the Madras Airport Solar Port such as great food, awesome vendors, beer garden, live music, flying warbirds of the Erickson Aircraft and much more!

Boogie registration is $300.
-includes 10 jump tickets )(does not include eclipse jump)
-boogie tshirt
-solar glasses

Our registration is coordinated with the Madras Airport Solar Port event and this is how we have to work it. Send us an email request for a registration form. Fill it out and return it to us via fax or email. Payment will be taken over the phone.
Phone: (541) 719-8026

We will have the FORT AWESOME campground set up in our own field on the airport. Unless you already have the hook up on a house or hotel in Madras or a nearby town, camping will be your only option. We have plenty of space for RVs, trailers, vehicles and tents. The campground opens on Thursday, August 17 and closes on Tuesday, August 22. (camp site pricing is set by the City of Madras. All fees go to the City, not the DZ)
*Camp sites are NON REFUNDABLE, but are TRANSFERABLE)
-RV/camper site (20ft x 40ft) $300
-Tent/vehicle site (20ft x 20) $150
**Campsites can be shared**

Will we be jumping during totality of the eclipse? Heck yes we are! We are not offereing tandems during the eclipse. This experience is for the FUN JUMPERS! Keep in mind that there will be 2.5 hours of eclipsing and we will be flying loads during that time as well. So don't get discouraged if you're not on the totality load.
Slots are limited!!
Totality load $100/slot. (23 slots)
Eclipsing loads: $50 (there will be at least 46)

**If you wish to fly your own aircraft, please let us know and we will send you a separate registration form for parking.**

Q&A can be found here:


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