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About the Flight 

Our hot air balloon flights take you smoothly over some of the most breathtaking landscapes around, including high desert terrain of volcanic rock, deep river canyons, and rural farmland. It all begins at our launch site near Madras Municipal Airport, where just after take-off you will rise up to a spectacular view of the Cascade mountain range, which include views of at least nine pronounced peaks. Also keep an eye out for wildlife  including  Bald Eagles, Red-Tail Hawks, Great Horned owl, and Deer just to name a few.

Ballooning is a real hands on experience and we welcome you to help with the inflation and deflation of the balloon if you like.  After a short safety briefing from your pilot the inflation begins and you'll watch as the balloon comes to life.  About 15 minutes later the balloon will be upright and ready for lift-off. Following the flight we'll shuttle you back to the launch site. Total time about 2-4 hours.

Experienced Skydiver Balloon Jump

Scenic Balloon Flight (45 Min)

Jump from at least 3500ft. USPA membership and B-License required.

Approx. 45 minute scenic balloon ride with stunning views of the surrounding central cascade mountain range.



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