• Is there an age limit to learn how to skydive?

Yes. The same age limit and criteria that apply to tandem skydives, apply to our training program.

  • What is the weight limit for the AST program?

The maximum weight limit for the AST program is 240lbs.

  • How many jumps are in the program?

Our training program consists of 10 jumps with an instructor. This does not include the two prerequisite tandem skydives. You must complete a total of 25 skydives (includes two tandems) to earn your "A" license.

  • How long is the Ground School class?

We like to complete the class within 4-6 hours. Class duration can vary depending on class size.

  • Do I have to do a tandem skydive before starting the program?

Yes. At Skydive Awesome!, we only offer the tandem method for your first two skydives. Your first tandem will be with a highly skilled instructor who will provide basic training on body position, aircraft exit, altitude awareness, and parachute deployment. Your second tandem, also with an instructor, reinforces what you learned on your first tandem, and additional training will teach you heading control and how to "track." You will also deploy and learn how to fly the main parachute with your instructor.

  •  Is there a time frame in which I have to complete my jumps for the "A" License package?

There is not a specific time frame in which to complete the training, however, there are currency requirements we must follow:

  • Level 2 Tandem: Within 90 days of Level 1 Tandem (or repeat Level 1 Tandem before Level 2)

  • Ground School: Within 2 weeks of Level 2 Tandem (or repeat Level 2 Tandem before class)

  • AST Jump 3: Within 30 days of Level 2 Tandem (or repeat Tandem Level 2 before AST jump 3)

  • AST  Jumps 4-13: Within 30 days of previous level (or repeat previous level before moving on).

  • If you don’t make a freefall jump within 30 days of the previous jump level, you’ll need to take a refresher class for $25 before your next jump.

The time in which you earn your A license is dependent upon your commitment and availability, weather, etc.

  • Do I get videos of my training jumps?

Yes! Your training jump videos are FREE! Your instructor wears a camera mounted to his or her helmet on every training jump. You and your instructor will debrief each skydive while you watch the video together. Not only does the video help maximize your training, but you can take your video with you to share with your friends and family!

  •  I have completed some training jumps at another drop zone. Could I continue my training at Skydive Awesome?

Heck yes you can! One of our instructors are happy to meet and or speak with you one on one to determine where you would pick up in our training program. Have your logbook current and with you when meeting with your instructor.

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